Kitching’s Concise Typography Workshops

Prospectus, website and assistant for a series of workshops based around Rudolph Hostettler’s ‘The Printer’s Terms’. 

Alongside Ross Shaw, we helped Alan establish these workshops. We created a letterpress-printed prospectus as well as a parallax scrolling website based on its design. We also assisted in teaching on this two-day course, which is aimed at designers and creatives of all levels. 

Please note: the website has now been updated by Christian Granados and Marta Dos Santosrun, the new workshop assistants, with graphics that reflect the new prospectus. The site structure and function remains the same.


The Typography Workshop
Designers: Alan Kitching, Ross Shaw, Jon Kielty
Programming and CMS: Luke Sturgeon
Copywriting: Celia Stothard and Holly Pallister